Fruits, Nuts, & Berries

New Mexico has a great climate for growing so many different types of fruits, nuts and berries.  With the different growth habits of fruit trees (standard, semi-dwarf and dwarfs) and pruning techniques like espalier; you can grow these fruits in almost any spot in your yard.  Nothing beats the sun ripened taste of a home-grown fruit or berry.

Pix Zee Dwarf Peach

Pix Zee Dwarf Peach is an incredible small space fruit tree.  It produces large delicious, firm, yellow freestone peaches with beautiful red/orange skin.  The Pix Zee grows up to about 6’ and can be grown in containers.  The perfect fruit for small garden areas!!

Bush Cherries

Bush Cherries are a new introduction, this 6’ tall and wide shrub produces cherries like you would get from trees.  They are self-pollinating, extremely cold hardy, produce full sized tasty fruit and small enough to fit most spots.

Carmine Jewel

Large, gorgeous purplish-red fruit with a luscious balance of high sugars and a complement of acids, creating a rich flavor.  When mature it can produce 20-30 lbs. of fruit.


This handsome cherry has a high gloss, deep crimson fruit and increased sweetness.  It can produce up to 30 lbs. of fruit.


These dark red cherries have a wonderful sweet flavor, great for fresh eating.  Juliet will produce about 20-30 lbs. when mature.

Goji Berry

Goji Berry is a plant known for its incredible health benefits.  It is loaded with anti-oxidants, contains 18 amino acids (11 of which are essential and not produced by the body) and numerous other health benefits.  They thrive in full sun, are drought tolerant and can handle alkali soils.


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