“Someone is sitting in the shade today because someone planted a tree a long time ago.”

Warren Buffett

Trees can add value to your property, help cool your home and neighborhood, provide a wind break in the winter and lower heating costs, and provide food and shelter for wildlife.  The branches of a tree provide an adventure for a child, a fortress in the sky.  The leaves of that same tree create a cool shady getaway to enjoy an icy glass of lemonade during the heat of summer.

Flowering Pear

Flowering pear tree has a beautiful pure white flower and is one of the earliest and most beautiful of the spring-bloomers.  These ornamental trees come in a wide range of mature shapes and sizes to fit any landscape need.  Flowering pear also has spectacular fall color, providing spring and fall show.  One of the greatest attributes of the pear is its non-invasive root structure.  This tree can be planted near patios, wall and sidewalks and the roots are more forgiving than other trees.  Click the images below to see more info on the different cultivars.

Flowering Cherry

Flowering cherry trees have been made extremely popular because of the explosion of flowers in the spring.  They are an excellent choice because they require very little care and provide year-round interest with their spring flowers, seasonally changing foliage and attractive bark.  Flowering cherry comes in a wide variety of shapes, sizes and colors.  There are also some gorgeous weeping cultivars.  Click the images below to see more info on the different cultivars.

Red Maple

Red maple is a name that covers a huge family of trees.  They can be anything from large shade trees to small multi-stemmed ornamental trees.  This name means that these trees provide the color red through some or all of the seasons.  From red buds in the winter, to red flowers in spring, red leafstalks in summer and brilliant red leaves in the fall.  This tree covers every spot on the property with incredible diversity of sizes and shapes.  Click the images below to see more info on the different cultivars.


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