Fountains are excellent if space is lacking in your yard.

Families can enjoy the sight and sound of running water without the maintenance of a pond. Container water gardens can create settings on a deck or patio, but they also look great greeting visitors by the front door. Any container will do as long as it has the ability to hold water. Any un-glazed pottery will need to be sealed and drain holes will need to be plugged. A wooden container such as a whiskey barrel can be lined with a piece of rubber liner that is affixed to the rim. Make sure the sealant you use safe for plants and fish if you choose to add them. Since mosquitoes will lay eggs in stagnant water, you’ll need a small 75 gph statuary pump fitted with a spitter or fountain head to keep them away from your container water garden.

If a rock water feature caught your eye, you may want to use a reservoir called the AquaBasin. The AquaBasin supports up to 2,000 pounds and holds 75 gallons of water. Large basalt columns can be set atop the basin for a truly impressive decorative water feature in the landscape. Maintenance, however is easy! You’ll need to occasionally add water to make up for evaporation. Now that you’re enjoying your container water garden, be careful. Once the water gardening bug bites you, there’s no going back! Next, you’ll be reading how to build your own in-ground pond.

Pondless Waterfalls

For families with safety concerns with a traditional pond, go pondless! The name basically explains it all. It’s a waterfall and stream, without the pond. The smaller size of the pond makes it easy for homeowners to enjoy a beautiful waterfall anywhere in the yard.

Best of all, taking care of the pondless waterfall is easy! Filling the reservoir every few weeks to compensate for water loss because of evaporation is all that’s required.


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