Soil Testing

Let’s face it.  Gardening without testing your soil before you start is like driving somewhere you have never been without a road map! 

Cost: $10

A soil test is a simple way to eliminate the guess work of additives you need to add for plants in your area.

SJN will test for:

  • pH (acidity/alkalinity) which is directly related to a plants ability to absorb nurtrients
  • Nitrogen which is necessary for green leafy growth
  • Phosphate which is necessary for root growth, flowering, and fruiting
  • Potassium (commonly called potash is often dubbed “the regulator” because it activates more than 60 enzyme processes) which is necessary for disease resistance, and over all plant strength and growth

Dig and bring 3-4 soil samples at 3-4” deep mixed in a zip bag (if you bring in several samples label your bags; different plantings may require different soil conditions).

It is hard to have maximum garden success when you don’t understand your soils needs.


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